Travelling from east to west.

After a few days of sailing from the Dominican Republic the crew reached a small town close to Holguin on the north east side of Cuba. Greeted by the very friendly and helpful customs officers the trip continued on land.

First stops was Holguin and Las Tunas. Riding in a local taxi for a while, passing through Camaguey and finally jumping of in Sancti Spiritu, I grabbed the bus to the beautiful town of Trinidad where I remained a few days. Next stop was La Habana and after about 20-something days in Cuba I finally reached the green and lush Viñales in the west by train.

Here are some of my pictures from the journey.


Simplicity in shapes and patterns.

Ever since I can remember I have been facinated by art and design. The alouring and attraction of simple things as a shadow, a shape or a pattern, framed in a picture, close up or from a far, are all great starts in making beautiful imagry.

Here are some of my shots.

Street Photography

The urban landscapes.

Living in a big city with access to beautiful architecture, a wide variety of city landscapes and diverse inhabitants, the streets make an excellent place to explore and capture light and color.

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